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Client Gifts and Generosity

I am beginning to discover the importance of operating in generosity with our time, talents, and treasures. Having this mindset inevitably spreads to those around us and multiplies, creating a culture of gratitude and servant leadership, which is where humanity truly begins to thrive and flourish. Too often I think we (myself included) grasp onto whatever we can and hold onto it for ourselves, when the real truth lies in Jesus' words- "Give, and it will be given to you...For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

I continue to be blown away by the generosity shown to me by my clients! And I thought I was supposed to be the one serving them! Check out a few examples below:

A gift from a dear friend and client for helping them find and close on their first home. I thought the gift I gave them was good but then he gave me Trappist ale and won the day.

An amazing thank you note from a recent client:

I've been home roasting my coffee as a hobby for a couple years now and so I decided why not use them for marketing and client gifts??

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