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Growth in Kootenai County

Did you know...Idaho led the nation in population growth FOR THE FIFTH YEAR IN A ROW in 2020!

The gem state easily outpaced Utah at a 2.9% increase and was 9th in the country for numeric increase- a significant achievement given our low overall population of 1.9 million.

Over the past decade Idaho has increased in population by 17.3%- second only to Utah during that period (18.5%).

Within the state, Kootenai County was second in overall growth over the past 10 years at 23.7% while Ada County saw the highest population increase at 26.1%.

Growth is almost certainly here to stay- the question now is how we deal with it and how the market reacts as a result of the influx of new residents. The Kootenai Metropolitan Planning Organization projects that the Kootenai County population will swell from 170,000 to 227,000- an increase of almost 40%! These are significant statistics for the real estate market and reflect the truth of what we have seen on a micro-scale over the last 18 months in Kootenai County.

What are your thoughts on the growth in our community?

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