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Buyer Advice- Cameron Edman

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Do you want to buy a house but don't know where to start?? You're not alone!! Entering the market without following the proper steps is a common mistake in the home buying process.

So what are the keys to being prepared to buy?

1. Get pre-qualified with a lender: this ensures that your financials are in order before looking seriously for a home. It also shows sellers that you are serious and gives more strength to offers you submit.

2. Know what you want: be as specific as possible with your desires (ie- beds, baths, square footage, acreage, etc), but also know that the perfect home doesn't exist, so be prepared to have a few non-negotiables but flexible on others.

3. Research preferred towns and neighborhoods: narrowing down your preferred region will help you quickly find a home that suits your needs.

4. If you want a home- buy it! This may sound like common sense, but we often see buyers haggling over prices so much that they miss out on amazing homes. This market is moving quickly, so if you see something you like then pull the trigger!

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