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Under Contract on TWO Off-Market Deals!!

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Under contract on TWO deals that myself and my clients found off-market!! One of them I am serving as a DUAL-AGENT (representing both sides of the transaction). These were fun ones to lock down. Here are the stories

Dual Agency Deal:

A few weeks ago someone in my neighborhood posted in the Nextdoor app that they were looking for help with a couple house projects to get the home ready for sale. I initially thought about reaching out to see how I could help and then inquire about helping her list her home, but then once I found out where she lived I realized that I had the perfect buyer in mind!

I messaged her about doing a drive-by and then stopping by and she agreed to chat with me. Over the next couple weeks I gradually built a relationship with her and tried to prove myself as someone who could be trusted. I mentioned that I had multiple buyers who would be interested in purchasing her home. She was open to the idea so I began shaping our discussions around what kind of a deal would be agreeable to her. I would be acting as a "dual agent" representing both sides of the transaction so it was super important to be open and honest about the deal and who I was representing at any given time.

Things continued falling into place over the next couple weeks and I made sure not to rush her into something she wasn't comfortable with. She was not quite ready to move out yet and would want to rent the home back for a period of time- which was perfect because my client planned on renting it until they could move here next year anyway!

After conferring with my buying client I presented an offer loaded with perks (reduced commission, flexible rent back options, no hassling with listing, showings, and price, others) and yesterday both parties agreed to terms!!!

Single Agency Deal:

My good friends and clients were moving their belongings into his parents' house (where they intended to stay while they looked for a home) when a neighbor walked by and mentioned that someone a few houses down was planning on listing their home in a couple weeks. We quickly contacted the potential seller and their agent and asked them what kind of offer they needed to keep the home off the market. Thankfully we were able to match their terms and get signed around a couple days later!!

Great success story for my clients, who are coming full circle after living in Michigan and Boise before deciding to move back home to North Idaho. After feeling desolate about their chances to purchase a good home in this market, they are now buying a place 2 blocks from his parents house in the same neighborhood where he grew up!!! Wow!!

So happy for them.

I have learned a ton so far about off-market homes, dual agency, the importance of cultivating trust, and different rent back options. Such a satisfying experience to serve both clients in this transaction and create a deal that benefits both parties!

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